About Steelowl

Welcome to my blog, I’m your writer Steelowl.

Growing up I loved playing games. I was always begging my parents and brother to play games with me.

Now that I’m older I’ve found other people with passions similar to my own. Of course now that I’m older my tastes in games have matured as well. I’m always willing to try new games but the more complicated games are much more enjoyable to me. To me games are like an ever-changing puzzle, because as I get better often the people I play with get better too.

So, there is always some new trick or a new strategy I never thought of before. I like winning sure, but to me the best kind of game is one where victory hangs by a thread. Win or lose I like it best when the person who came in 2nd was just about to win themselves, even if I’m the person who came in 2nd

This blog is the product of my thoughts. After I’ve played a game several times I’ll start to develop strategies and guidelines of how to do well in the game.

If you have any comments or thoughts please feel free to mention them. I know I over look things all the time and most of my writing is from experience. So, I’m always looking to improve.


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