Kids Table BG – Food Fighters (Review)

June 21, 2016


Publisher Kids Table BG
Genre Boardgame
Number of Players 2
Play Time 20-30 minutes
Initial Review Date 6/9/16
Last Updated 6/9/16
 Rules PDF

In this game, players lead an army of food to do battle with another army of food, in order to claim dominance in the pantry.


Each player picks one of the two factions to play as. Each player takes a set of 9 unit boards, 3 faction specific upgrade cards, 3 cracker tokens, 2 spoon tokens and 1 frying pan token.

The 9 unit cards are shuffled and then laid out into a 3×3 grid. The two grids should be separate but clearly facing one another.


On a player’s turn, you start by choosing one of 3 possible actions, Swap, Roll for Beans or Attack.

Swapping: This is very straight forward you may swap the position of any two of your units with each taking the other’s position. Because two units must be involved you can not use a swap action to move a unit into an empty space. After you swap the two units you receive one bean from the supply.

Rolling for beans: This gives you a way to quickly build up beans, which are  used as currency. You take the two dice and roll them. If a die shows a result other than beans you re-roll that die. You continue doing this until all dice show a bean result. You then gain a number of beans equal to the amount shown.

Attack: This is the primary action you will be taking most rounds. Each member of your army is thinking about a specific unit from the opposing army. This is the enemy type that particular fighter can attack. If a matching unit is adjacent to it you may have it attack. You do this by rolling the dice. Any splat results shown count as a hit. Unless a unit has been enhanced in some way a single hit is all that is required to capture the enemy fighter. Additionally, you collect a number of beans equal to any bean results that come up. This means that if you completely miss (fail to roll any splats) you collect beans as if you had just chosen to roll for beans.


There are different items you can buy in order to enhance your army. Some items only assist a single fighter, while others benefit the entire army. For the most part, these items are only single-use. So, you are forced to purchase and re-purchase items that you want to use repeatedly. However, in order to prevent abuse, you can not buy an item that you used this round using the attack option.

Faction specific cards are just that, faction specific and so they may only be purchased and used by the relevant faction. The rest of the items are a bit more universal but only the red die is actively shared. Each army has their own supply of crackers, spoons and frying pans which it buys from and when there are no more to buy in your army’s supply that item is simply unavailable for purchase.

The universal items are as follows:

  • Crackers – This item gives a fighter one additional hit.
  • Spoons – Allow a fighter to attack enemies that are not immediately next to them. The fighter may attack any enemy that a straight line can be drawn to.
  • Pan – This allows a fighter to attack any unit instead of just the type it is thinking about.
  • Bonus Die – This extra die features a double splat result, meaning you not only get to roll an extra die but you have a better chance of capturing cracker protected fighters.


This game is actually a sort of match 3 game. In order to win all you have to do is collect 3 units that are the same type (eg. 3 chickens). This also means that when a fighter is eliminated you physically take your enemy’s fighter and place it in a stack off to the side. it also helps keep the game short since you don’t actually have to eliminate every single fighter in order to win.


This game is definitely made with children in mind. It has very cartoony artwork and for the most part, the dice determine the winner. The abilities help a little but really they are just there to help counteract the occasional bad die roll. Unfortunately, because the only way you can eliminate or capture enemy fighters is by rolling splats, the game is heavily dependent on luck. It doesn’t matter how many beans you collect and abilities you gather if you can’t ever roll any splats you will lose.

Overall, this is not a bad game despite it being luck dependant. Additionally, it’s easy enough for young children to learn and lack of skill won’t hurt them as much as it might in other games. So, if you’re looking for something with a bit more meat than traditional children’s games, this one is definitely a good choice. But, if you’re looking for a game for you and another adult to play, you might find better options.


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