Asmadi Games: Red 7

June 7, 2016


Publisher Asmadi
Genre Card
Number of Players 2 – 4
Play Time 10 minutes
Initial Review Date 5/24/16
Last Updated 5/24/16
Official Rules PDF

Red 7 is an abstract card game where each turn you must be in the lead in order to stay in the game. While this may sound confusing once you get a handle on it it’s easy to follow.


Each player is dealt seven cards which forms their hand along with an 8th face up card. The face up card is considered to be in play. Then the discard pile is started with a discard marker card which sets the current color to red.

Gameplay (Basic Rules)

On your turn you may choose to do one of the following:

  • Play one card from your hand face up in front of you.
  • Discard one card from your hand placing it ontop of the discard pile
  • Play one card from your hand AND Discard one card from your hand placing it on top of the discard pile.
  • Do nothing and be eliminated from the round.

As you can see really on your turn you need to either play a card and/or discard a card in order to stay in the game. Each card you play is just a colored card (one of 7 colors) with a number printed on it from 1 to 7. There is exactly one card of each combination meaning there are 49 cards in total. The challenge however is that after you play and/or discard you need to gain control of the round (iow be winning). You do this by meeting (based on the cards everyone has played) the win condition specified by the current color. The colors and their win conditions are.

Color Win Condition
 Red  Highest card wins
 Orange  Most of one number wins
 Yellow  Most of one color wins
 Green Most even cards wins
 Blue  Most different colors wins
 Indigo  Most cards in a row wins
 Violet Most cards below 4 wins

So, for example you might look around the table and see that one person has a 3 another a 1 and another a 4. So you play a 6. Since the default color at the start of the game is red and a 6 is higher than anything anyone else has played it is a legal play and then the next player must play and/or discard.

This continues until everyone but one player has been forced to pass because they can not make any combiation of discarding one card and/or playing one card allow them to meet the current or new win condition.


It is inevitable that a player’s chosen actions will cause them to tie. In this case there are two rules that are followed (sequentially), in order to break ties.

  1. Highest card: The player with the highest card that is part of the win condition is considered the winner. So, if the color is violet and player 1 has 3 1s and a 7 and player 2 has two 1s and a 3, then player 2 is winner. The 7 card is not considered since it does not meet violet’s win condition of a card below 4.
  2. Card color: The colors are ordered such that Red > Orange > Yellow > Green > Blue > Indigo > Violet. So, if the rule is say Indigo and player 1 has a red 3, a red 4, a green  5 and a red 7 and player 2 has an orange 3, a violet 4 and a red 5 then player 2 would be the winner since only the highest cards that are part of the winning conditions (the 5s) are considered.


Once everyone knows how to play, this game is a lot of fun and is very quick.Since you never draw any cards you’re really looking at your hand and trying to figure out what cards synergize the best. Maybe you have a lot of even cards and a couple of odd numbered blue cards. You know you can safely discard the odd blue to make your evens work.

Even the basic game adds a reasonable amount of depth. The game however, also includes advanced rules and scoring in order to force players to make strategic plays that might cause them to lose the current hand but helps them in the long run.

The quick play time and easy to grasp rules make this game much better then similar games which can drag on or heavily favor luck.


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