Legend Express: Burger Boss – Review

May 17, 2016


Publisher Legend Express
Genre Dice / Worker Placement
Number of Players 3 – 5
Play Time 45 minutes
Initial Review Date 5/10/16
Last Updated 5/10/16

In this game you play as competing hamburger joints.There are a limited number of customers and so it’s a fight to see who can make the most money off of them.


Each player is given a sign, two dice, position cube and starting oven that correspond to their chosen color. Then, once the location cards are setup each player is dealt a secret mission card. This card will give the player bonus money at the end of the game.

Finally, the customer cards are setup and the first player is determined.

Game Play

During your turn you will roll your dice (which represent your employees). Then, following the previous turn order each player decides how many dice they wish to keep and reveals their total. Player order based on a player’s dice total and so in this way a player could intentionally decide to not use one or more of their dice in order to advance their turn order.

Each player then takes turns placing their dice at various locations. More than half of the locations allow a player to gain ingredients. Other locations allow you to hire additional employees, expand your kitchen or allow you to draw single use cards that grant some benefit (manager’s specials). You can even send an employee to your kitchen in order to prepare and/or add to burgers. Once everyone has placed their dice then the next part of the round starts, “selling”.

Players now sell to customers following turn order. Each player may “on their turn” sell one or more prepared burgers to customers in the queue. You can sell to any customer that is waiting for food regardless of where they are. However, they will only buy the very specific burger that is listed on their card. This can be a reason why a player might give up dice in order to make sure they go first.

The longer a customer waits to be served the more money they will pay. However, even these customers have limits and if they wait too long they are discarded. The burgers you make can similarly expire. Food that you create progresses down a track each turn. Once it reaches the end it is considered “too old” and gets tossed out.


Early on in the game you will realize that two workers and one kitchen isn’t enough. The problem though, is that once you max out on employees (4 total) and kitchens (3 total). You suddenly have very few decisions to make. The customers will dry up to a trickle with players competing over who gets both of them this turn. Also, this dice game falls into the same trap that many dice games do (a series of bad rolls can sink you). There isn’t a way to manipulate your dice once they’re rolled and the manager’s special cards are little more than band-aides that try to address this issue. Basically, you will grab them when you literally can’t place a die somewhere more useful. Part of this is because the bonuses that the cards provide are pointless if you roll what you need. So, you only get them when you roll poorly and then they are only useful when you roll poorly again.

Overall, the game isn’t bad. It just isn’t very deep for a dice based worker placement game. If you’re looking for something that isn’t too deep and/or the theme is really appealing then this game is worth checking out. But if you don’t like the randomness of dice or want a game that has multiple paths to victory, you can give this one a pass.


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