Board Game Bento – April 2016 (What’s Cooking?)

May 10, 2016


Announcement Month April
Unboxing Video
Average BGG Rating Standard: 7.0 | Weighted: 6.7
Est. Value $108.95
Base Price $50.00


pic2582503_md Info | Review
BGG Rating: 6.5 | Est Value: $59.99
pic2561121_md Info | Review
BGG Rating: 7.1 | Est Value: $19.99
pic2877492_md Info
BGG Rating: 7.0 | Est Value: $4.99
pic1900075_md Info | Review
BGG Rating: 7.2 | Est Value: $14.99
123583 Info
BGG Rating: n/a | Est Value: $2.99


2 Recipe Cards from GeekyHostess.com Est Value: $1.00
Board Game Bento Exclusive Card for Burger Boss Est Value: $5.00

Information Card

BGB-What's Cooking Front



BGB-What's Cooking Back



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