IELLO: Alien Wars – Review

April 26, 2016


Publisher Iello
Genre Dexterity Game
Number of Players 2 – 6
Play Time 10 minutes
Initial Review Date 4/8/16
Last Updated 4/8/16
Official Rules PDF

In this game, you play as opposing forces of aliens battling each other around a mine field. You take turns throwing disks at each others’ ships trying to destroy them. You have to be careful, though, because some ships get one last shot before going down. You also want to avoid the minefield which presents a constant threat.


To start, three minefield cards are placed in a 10″ by 10″ by 10″ triangle in the center of the table.Each player then lays out their nine ship cards in front of them in a cluster. The cards can’t overlap but they aren’t allowed to be separated very much either.  You can look at your cards as you are placing them but once everyone begins you can no longer freely check which card is which.


Playing the game is straight forward, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging. On your turn, you may pick any card and flip it over. If it is a mine nothing happens, otherwise the player who owns the card gets to activate it.

Most of the time you will be flipping over one of your own ships and activating it’s “shoot” ability. Everything else is pretty secondary. In order to “shoot” you must place your pinky on the card doing the shooting. You then use the rest of your fingers to physically toss your shooting disk at other disks on the table. If your shooting disk lands on one or more disks then you may flip over the disk of your choice and eliminate it. Mine cards can not be eliminated instead they cause the shooter to be eliminated instead. One card can retaliate before being eliminated by shooting back first.

Play continues until a player has no cards left. If you accidentally “shoot your own card” you must still eliminate it, so “friendly fire” can be a problem.

Cards must always remain clustered though and so if a card gets separated from the group it must be moved back into position before the next player progresses.


This game feels like it takes as long to setup as it does to play. But in this case, that’s not a bad thing since setup doesn’t take that long. If you like dexterity games this is a nice short fun game. If you don’t like dexterity games this one isn’t too bad because of how short it is. Plus, you might be able to ally with someone else by using your turn to flip over their cards instead of your own letting them attack everyone else before you feebly attempt to stab them in the back.


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