The Infantree: Creative Clash – Review

February 23, 2016


Publisher The Infantree
Genre Card Game
Number of Players 2 – 4
Play Time 30 minutes
Initial Review Date 1/26/16
Last Updated 1/26/16
Official Rules | Variants

Creative clash is a card game where players control creative studios. You draw and play cards like projects, employees and events in order to be the first one to reach their point goal.


Each player is given a board which is used to track their company’s money and ego. Each player is given tokens to track these things as well as a principle. This character not only determines what abilities and/or restrictions you have. But they also determine how many ego points you need in order to win the game. Lastly, each player is dealt 8 cards. Five o them are chosen to create their starting hand and the rest are discarded.


This game is relatively straight forward to play.

You start by choosing to play normally, or refill your hand. If you choose to refill your hand all that happens is you discard as many cards as you like and then you draw back up to five cards.

If you play normally you instead, earn your income and draw two cards. Then you may play as many cards from your hand as you like. After you are done playing cards you may discard as many cards as you like from your hand to earn one coin per card. Then play proceeds to the next player.

You’re basically going to end up playing a few employees who have no skills. You will then play a skill card or two on your employees to train them. This allows the company to earn income and aids in the completion of projects. Finally, you will start playing projects. Projects are one of the main ways to get ego points in the game. There are items and events that can earn you ego points as well but these can’t be relied upon.

Event cards are the primary way you can mess with other players and/or prevent other players from messing with you. As such I found it helpful when playing to make sure I always held onto an event or two that protects me from events. This allowed me to then act fairly unimpeded.


This is a well designed game. The game only really stalled a bit in the mid game where you have projects you would like to play but can’t seem to get a hold of the skills you need to play them. I get the impression that the river variant presented on the website would help alleviate this a little bit. But I understand why its only recommended for experienced players since they will know what they’re looking for.

Creative Clash is a good game for it’s length. It’s a bit on the light side but it’s easy to pick up and can work well when you don’t want something that is heavy or long.


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