Brotherwise Games – Boss Monster 2: The Next Level – Review

February 17, 2016


Publisher Brotherwise Games
Genre Card
Number of Players 2 – 4
Play Time 20 minutes
Initial Review Date 2/14/16
Last Updated 2/14/16
Official Rules Basic | Advanced

This an expansion for the game Boss Monster. What’s nice about this expansion is that while it can be used to enhance the base game, you do not have to have the base game to use it. The expansion includes everything you need to play. The only downside is it means you must use the new heroes and their mechanics.

What’s New

Four new Dark Heroes (Barbarian, Hitman, Vampire and Witch): These all work the same and are only different by the treasure type they seek. These heroes have an ability that any player can activate by discarding cards from their hand. The hero gets stronger if a player discards a card. While any player can activate it can only be activated once per turn. So, there is a limit to how much stronger the hero can be regardless of how many players there are. Ultimately, this only makes a marginal difference. After all, if the player attracting this type of hero plans for the possible extra strength, then it’s ability is of little consequence.

Four new Hybrid Heroes (Archer, Druid, Necromancer and Swordmage): Again, these are the same except for the treasure types they seek. That’s right Types with an “s”. Each of these are drawn by two different treasure types. To determine which dungeon they are attracted to these types are added together for each dungeon. The dungeon with the highest combined total is the one that attracts this hero. In some ways this is more interesting than the dark heroes, since it forces competition between players that might not of been competing for heroes before. I actually wish there were more heroes in the game like this since they add additional conflict and strategy.

Epic Spells: These spells don’t really feel better or more powerful than the normal spells. I think part of the problem is that unless you make a strategy of casting spells, you won’t see very many spells to begin with. Since you’re never really seeing a lot of spells, spells always seem awesome. I think this problem has more to do with how spells are implemented in the game than any issue with the game it’s self.

More Spell Rooms: As per my comment on Epic spells, there was some effort made to make spells more accessible by adding more spell rooms to the game. This is why I feel that the problem with spells has more do with it’s implementation than the spell cards themselves. By the time you’re in a position to regularly get spells the game is almost over.


Overall I think this is a good expansion. It’s nice that the expansion can be played as a standalone game. The downside is, if you have this expansion and not the base game the only reason to get the base game is if you don’t actually enjoy all of the new cards (since you are forced to use all of them if you don’t have the base game).

If you liked the original boss monster game then you’ll really enjoy this expansion. If you didn’t enjoy the base game, this expansion isn’t going to win you over. it adds new “flavors” but only minimal depth.

If you don’t own either game and you’re deciding between the two. I would suggest looking at the new cards this game adds and deciding if they excite you or not. If you think you’ll like them then get this expansion. If one or more of the new things doesn’t appeal to you though, then I would stick with the base game.

Brotherwise Games: Boss Monster – Review
Brotherwise Games – Boss Monster 2: The Next Level – Review
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