Brotherwise Games: Boss Monster – Review

February 16, 2016


Publisher Brotherwise Games
Genre Card
Number of Players 2 – 4
Play Time 20 minutes
Initial Review Date 1/27/16
Last Updated 1/27/16
Official Rules Basic | Advanced
Videos Gameplay Video

This is basically a tabletop re-imagining of the old PC game Dungeon Keeper. In this game each player plays as a “Boss Monster” who controls a dungeon with treasure in it. Your objective is to lure in would be heroes and kill them off. So, in an interesting twist you will be competing with other players to attract heroes and kill them before anyone else can.


Each player is randomly dealt a boss monster. Along with a hand of cards that consists of five room cards and two spell cards. Out of these you then pick five cards to keep and the rest are discarded.

Then each player selects a basic room card to place. Once everyone has selected a room, these are built (resolving any effects these cards might produce) and then the normal game begins.


During the game hero cards are revealed and these hero’s are attracted to different treasures. Each room you play will have 1 or more treasures associated with it. Hero’s then head off to the dungeon that contains the most of the type of treasure they are looking for. It is in this way that players via for the heroes.

In addition to a treasure type each room deals damage to heroes that enter them by a set amount. This means that a player can quickly see if the hero will die before they reach the boss at the end of that particular dungeon. This is where spell cards and room abilities come in.

Spell cards allow a player to manipulate the heroes as they progress through a dungeon. These can allow a player to kill a hero that would normally survive or save a hero that would normally die (in an opponent’s dungeon).

As mentioned before rooms will often also have a special ability of some kind. Some of these abilities can be triggered by their owner in order to affect heroes, players and even other rooms in particular ways.


The game has a nice 8-bit retro feel thanks primarily to the artwork. If you like the idea of playing the villain then this game will have a lot of appeal. Also, while some of the artwork and names are cutesy the mechanics are solid enough to keep the game interesting long after it’s novelty has worn off.

The game has a medium learning curve. Some of the mechanics of the game can be tricky to wrap your head around the first time and some of the wording can feel a little bit ambiguous. So, new players might get a little frustrated when they try to do something only to find out that it doesn’t work the way they thought it did. It also takes way longer than 20 minutes the first couple times you play.

In the end it can be a quick and fun game once you know what you’re doing. Just know that there will be some growing pains when it comes to players who are not familiar with the game.

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