Twilight Creations: Zombies!!! Roll Them Bones! – Review

February 12, 2016


Publisher Twilight Creations
Genre Dice Rolling
Number of Players 2 – 6
Play Time 15 min
Initial Review Date 2/3/16
Last Updated 2/3/16
Rules Video

Zombies!!! Roll Them Bones is an abstract zombie survival game. In it each player is trying to escape from a horde of zombies bearing down on them. There is a “safe zone” that everyone is trying to reach, but I guess there is only room for 1. As a result you are competing with the others to reach the safe zone first without getting killed by the zombies.


Each player receives a card with two spin dials on it. One of the dials represents your health and the other represents your progress to the safe zone. Each player also receives a reference card that explains what the various items in the game are along with what they do.

Game Play

On your turn you roll a black piped D6 along with 5 custom D6s. The number you get on the black die is the number of zombies you need to kill in order to progress. In order to kill zombies you need to roll the zombie icons on the dice (each head represents one kill). If you fail to kill the zombies blocking your path then you take a point of damage and your turn ends.

If you were successful in killing the zombies, then you benefit from the other icons you rolled. Running icons represent progress to the safe zone and item icons grant you an item of that type.

There are two types of items and you can only have one of each type on hand. These items can be used whenever you like to either help yourself or hinder someone else.

After you’ve taken your turn, you then pass the dice to the next player and the game continues until someone reaches the safe zone.


The game is relatively quick and simple. It is highly luck based as the only strategy are the limited items that you may or may not get. It is thankfully a very short game, since it’s possible for one person to get a sizable lead and no one can catch them.

If you need a zombie / horror opener or filler game this one can fill the niche just fine. As it can either help set the mood or keep it going. Otherwise I wouldn’t really recommend this game since there isn’t a “press your luck” mechanic. There are better short dice games out there that have more substance than this game.


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