Fantasy Flight – XCOM: The Board Game – Accessory (Commander Balance Sheet)

February 11, 2016


The commander role can be very challenging and unfortunately the game only provides the commander with a bunch of cardboard coins to “some how” track the budget. This can be particularly challenging if you are playing the solo game.

It’s for this reason I have developed a Balance Sheet for use with the XCOM: The Board Game.

You can download it here*

8 1/2 x 11 (normal sheet size) PDF Part 1 | PDF Part 2
11 x 17 (original size) PDF

​*There was an issue with one of the files. I have hopefully corrected the problem, please let me know if there are any additional issues with them.

How Does it work?

The budget Sheet is based on the concepts presented in the Commander Role Strategy article I wrote, with the colors corresponding to the different levels of funding. The sheet is designed to be laminated, however if you don’t want to spend the time/money to have it laminated then you can simply cover the “Total” Section with transparent tape.

You will use four of the budget coins provided in the game with this sheet. You will use the coins to set the budget levels for each of the roles by placing them on the number that corresponds to how many millions of dollars you are allocating to the role.


Once you’ve decided how much money you are going to allocate, Add up the funding you selected for each role as well as any extra funding you want for recruitment. You will then write this total in the box labeled “Allocated”.

When the Central Officer tells you how much money you will get this round write that number in the box labeled “Actual”.

Budget Assigned

If the “Allocated” number is higher than the “Actual” number, then take the difference of those two numbers and write it in the box labeled “Emergency Funding Needed”. If “Actual” is higher than “Allocated” then write “0” instead.


When the Central Officer tells you that emergency funding is available take a number of cardboard coins equal to “Emergency Funding Needed” from the emergency funding card and place them on the circle labeled “Emergency Funding Taken”.

How Do I use the files?

There are two ways to create the Balance Sheet.

8 1/2 x 11 Files
1: Print out the two files in landscape on standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper
2: Cutout the Balance Sheet Pieces
3: Tape the two pieces together using transparent tape
4: Tape the combined pieces onto a piece of cut cardboard
5: Tape Over the top of the Balance sheet to create a dry erase surface and use


11 x 17 File
1: Print out the 11 x 17 file in landscape on 11 x 17 paper
2: Cutout the Balance Sheet
3: Laminate the Balance Sheet and use

The first process is potentially cheaper but is also a more hands-on approach. When laying the tape down you need to be careful that you lay it flat, otherwise you will end up with creases like those seen in the images above. I built the one seen above very quickly hence why it is so rough looking. It could be nicer, but I rushed it together. I used packing tape which works well, but you could also use “gift tape” which is basically just highly transparent scotch tape.

As for the second process, any place you could take something to be laminated should also be able to print on 11×17 paper as it’s a standard size for businesses (also known as legal or tabloid).  I recommend cutting it (or having it cut) before being laminated as it will give you a better finished product.

Regardless what method you use though, you will want to have a dry erase marker to keep with it. Soft leaded pencils (like colored pencils) will also work, but it takes longer to erase the writing cleanly (which can be done using a white eraser).

Final Thoughts

I hope that this balance sheet helps other players out there. I’ve found it extremely helpful since I can quickly set the budget without having to write down or remember a bunch of numbers. I suggest using a dry erase marker so that you can adjust the numbers each round.

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