Gangrene Games: Trash War – Review

February 9, 2016


Publisher Gangrene Games
Genre Card Game
Number of Players 2 – 5
Play Time 30 min
Initial Review Date 2/2/16
Last Updated 2/2/16
Rules PDF | Tutorial Video

Trash war is a free-for-all type of game with a theme of medieval knights in a modern junkyard.  The theme is a little bit strange but it does carry though the whole game with a consistent art style.


Each player starts with 3 walls and five cards. There are two redraw schemes that can be used and so players need to have a consensus of which method is going to be used.

Game Play

Game play is a little bit sporadic which is both good and bad. The reason for this is that the player who goes next is the player who was last attacked. In this way if you have two players who insist on attacking each other and no one else it leaves everyone else as passive spectators. The only thing the helps mitigate this is that the winner is the last player standing. This means that if you’re not getting any turns, you’re not being attacked and so you’re winning. This helps alleviate the issue a little, but this could end up being an issue depending on who you’re playing with.

For all practical purposes you only have two types of cards. You have offensive cards and defensive cards. These can come in different varieties but in the end it’s all there really is. In the rare case where you have no cards you can play to attack with. You can pass and play simply goes to the player on your left. This also helps prevent slugfests between two players since it can only continue so long as both of them have ammo.

The rules might be a little bit confusing at first but they are mainly there to create a certain kind of game flow. This flow can be seen in the video linked above.


The game isn’t bad. There is the danger of it being a little bit adversarial, but its a relatively light and quick game. If you need a filler type game for your game night this is not a bad choice. Setup is pretty quick and once everyone gets a handle on the rules it won’t take long to finish either.

I would stay away from it if you really hate games that feature player elimination and/or are highly adversarial since that’s basically what this game is. Luckily, it’s quick enough that the first player to be eliminated shouldn’t be sitting out for long.



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