Board Game Bento – Overview

February 7, 2016


Company Website https://boardgamebento.com/
Frequency Once a month
Typical Rate (ex. shipping/discounts) $50 a month
Value (est) $80 – $100
Launch Date October 2015

A new monthly subscription service has recently started that is wonderful for boardgame enthusiasts, called Boardgame Bento. Each month they send you a box full of boardgames that revolve around a particular theme. I’ve actually been receiving it from the start, but I’ve been hesitant to say anything since I wasn’t sure if it was worth the money.

I have overall been impressed with the service and so I’ve decided to start covering the service and the games that come in it each month. Because it’s been going for a few months now and I’m just now starting this series there will be a little bit of a backlog but I will try to get things caught up asap.

Board Game Bento – Overview
Board Game Bento – October 2015 (Spooky Game Knight)
Board Game Bento – November 2015 (Beneath the City)
Board Game Bento – December 2015 (Battles of Wit)
Board Game Bento – January 2016 (Fantastic Rivals)
Board Game Bento – February 2016 (The Final Frontier)
Board Game Bento – March 2016 (Showdown)
Board Game Bento – April 2016 (What’s Cooking?)
Board Game Bento – May 2016 (Investigate!)
Board Game Bento – June 2016 (Party!!)
Board Game Bento – July 2016 (“Sports”)
Board Game Bento – August 2016 (“For Science!”)
Board Game Bento – September 2016 (“Game Plan”)
Board Game Bento – October 2016 (“The Past”)


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