Yodeo Games: Convert – Review

January 26, 2016


Publisher Yodeo Games
Genre Abstract Strategy
Number of Players 2 only
Play Time 10 min
Initial Review Date 1/17/16
Last Updated 1/17/16
Official Rules English

Convert is an abstract strategy game where you place tetris-like blocks in order to create lines to score points.


One of the things that is great about this game is that it requires very little space to play. You put down a small 4×4 chessboard that sits between the two players along with a laminated grid that is used to track the points (via two small disks).

After that white goes first and the two players alternate placing blocks of their color. This continues until both players are unable to play.


The rules are pretty simple. Each block has clearly defined sides and a block may not be placed on it’s side. Additionally, blocks must be placed such that it’s entire bottom surface makes contact with another surface (no gaps or spaces allowed). Other than that you can place your blocks however you like in an attempt to score points. One point is awarded for each “four in a row” you create. If you don’t have a legal play then your current turn gets skipped and play otherwise continues unless neither player has any plays left.

The game starts off quickly enough as you will have very few options because of the “no spaces” rule. Then the game slows to a crawl in the middle as suddenly you have lots of options and have to consider every move carefully. When I got to this mid game I was concerned that it was going to take longer than 10 minutes to play. However, the game speeds up again at the end because you once again only have a few options.


This is a short two player game as indicated on the box. It’s lacking some what in depth since you only get 10 turns max and nearly half of those turns won’t present very interesting options (the first two turns and the last two turns). I think one of the biggest advantages it offers is that it is a surprisingly compact game. I’m hesitant to call it a “travel” game since you need space to lay out the pieces. But I was able to play this game on an end table with ease.

If you’re looking for a quick compact game that offers a little bit of depth, Convert is a good option. Otherwise you can probably give this one a pass.


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