Funforge: The Phantom Society – Review

November 20, 2015


Publisher Fun Forge


Genre Strategy / Deduction
Number of Players 2 to 4
Play Time 20 min
Initial Review Date 11/19/15
Last Updated 11/19/15
Official Rules English | French

Phantom Society is a game where paranormal investigators battle wits with ghosts. The ghosts try to do as much property damage as possible while remaining hidden, while the investigators try to expose the ghosts while keeping the damage to a minimum.


This game consists of a 6 x 6 grid of tiles. Each tile has a color and a value associated with it. Players take turns placing tiles into the grid to setup the board in an effort to make things advantageous to their side.

Once the grid is established the ghost player(s) hide their 4 ghosts beneath the tiles (the tiles fit into a frame that allows this to be done without revealing the ghost’s location).


Now that the stage is set the game begins. A ghost player destroys a room of their choice and claims it’s points. The tricky part is, the ghost responsible must have clear “line of site” to the room from their current location. In the beginning this means it has to be a room adjacent to the one the ghost is occupying.

As the game progresses the ghost will be able to destroy rooms that are further and further away.

Once the ghost player scores a room it becomes the investigator’s turn. The investigator then destroys a room of their choice to try and reveal a ghost. If they choose correctly, the ghost is revealed and can no longer be used to destroy additional rooms and the ghost player(s) don’t get any points for the room they were under. If the investigator’s choose wrong however, then the ghost players get the points for that room.

Play alternates between ghosts and investigators until either the investigators catch all 4 ghosts or the ghosts score enough points to win. In a 2 player game they need 50 points, in a 3 or 4 player game they only need 45 points.


This game really is quick despite being a deduction game. A wrong move by the ghost player can make it obvious where they are, where as a clever play can force the investigator to make a blind guess among several tiles.

It’s a great as an opener or in-between game. However, because of the limited deduction it presents it isn’t the sort of game that will keep you occupied all night.

I definitely recommend it if you don’t have many games that are as short as this one.


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  1. I’ll have to check this out!

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