Fantasy Flight – XCOM: The Board Game – Role Strategy (Central Officer)

August 28, 2015


As previously discussed there are four roles in the game. Each role plays a little differently from the others and so below I present some strategies for how to execute your role as Central Officer more efficiently and intelligently. Given the nature of the game, how well you play your role can determine the outcome of the game.

Role Overview

The Central Officer – The Central Officer is responsible for controlling the app and relaying important information to other players.

Like the commander the central officer has two things they are responsible for. To begin with they control the app, meaning they basically control the flow of the game. They need to clearly announce the information they are given and relay information from the players back to the app (mainly in the form of telling the app that a particular phase is complete).

The second responsibly the central officer has is satellite deployment. They can use their satellites to destroy and manipulate the location of UFOs, in this way they probably work closest with the commander in order to coordinate an overall air/space defense against the UFOs. Like interceptors though, satellites can be lost to UFOs via poor planning or just unfortunate die rolls. Some technologies can augment the central officer’s abilities allowing them to also support ground forces by manipulating die rolls.

When it comes right down to it though, the Commander will basically be telling you how many satellites to deploy each turn. Since the only thing you can spend money on is deploying satellites, there is little reason to not spend it all.

In general you can easily handle as many UFOs as you have satellites. So, if you are given 3 satellites to deploy you should use your ability to bring satellites into orbit in order to match what you have. It’s best to wait until near the end of the phase to do this though, since it will give you a better sense of how UFOs are deployed that round compared to XCOM’s Air/Space Defense.

While you do have the ability to pull interceptors from the reserve to the board, the commander has to pay for what is physically on the board regardless how it got there so this ability is really best used to shuffle a poor deployment which again is best to do at the end of the timed phase.

It may surprise you but as the central officer you will be the one player that will be most aware of what the other 3 roles are doing. It’s very easy, particularly late in the game for the other roles to be embroiled in their own activities and be relatively unaware of what other roles are and aren’t doing. As such, you need to speak up when it looks like an ability isn’t being used that could be useful.

The Central Officer is an advisory role. You don’t really make any decisions but because of your awareness you can help everyone else make better decisions. Just don’t be pushy about it. Be sure to let people know that in the end all you are giving are suggestions, the ultimate decision is up to them.

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