Slugfest Games: The Red Dragon Inn

August 10, 2011

Publisher Slugfest Games
Genre Card Game
Number of Players 2 to 4
Play Time 30 to 60 minutes
Initial Review Date 8/9/11
Last Updated 8/9/11
Files/Tools Rules – Download
Click here to Play

In this game you play as a group of adventurers who have just settled into a tavern to rest. A round of drinks has been bought and a sort of drinking game has begun. Who will be the last one standing?


Each player has a character deck (a deck that is specific to the character they are playing) a tracking board and 2 counters.

The mechanics of the game are similar to other slugfest games.

  1. You may discard any number of cards and then you draw back up to 7 cards.
  2. Play an action card if you wish.
  3. “Buy a drink” which means you draw a card from the drink pile and add it to another player’s drink pile.
  4. Finally, you drink the top card of your drink pile (if you have any).

Action cards

Action cards are one of the primary ways in which you can affect other players. Typically these cards will either deal damage, cause a player to get drunk, cause money to exchange hands or start a round of gambling.

These cards are pretty straight forward and explain what they do. Once they have had their effect the card is then discarded to the player who played it’s discard pile.

Sometimes & Anytime Cards

These cards are also self explanatory. Anytime cards may be played at anytime and sometimes cards can only be played under certain conditions. The conditions for a given “sometimes” card is spelled out on the card it’s self.

These cards can do the same sort of things as action cards. But most of these cards are used to either augment or cancel the effect of an action card or drink card. In this way if a player plays a card against you, you have an opportunity to respond.


Gambling in this game is also pretty straight forward. Rather than being anything drawn out once a player starts a gambling round everyone antes in 1 gold coin. Then players take turn playing gambling cards. These cards are either cards that say “winning hand” or “cheat”, representing that you either have a good hand that is allowing you to currently win or you are cheating in some way to win. Once everyone passes, the last player to play a card like this wins the gambling round and collects all of the money.

Winning the Game

  • You win when all other players have been eliminated. There are 2 ways in which a player is eliminated.
  • Lose all your gold.
  • Your alcohol level gets higher than your fortitude level.

Gold can be lost a variety of ways but the main one is though gambling. So, you do need to keep a close watch on your gold as well as other player’s.

Your alcohol level and fortitude are both tracked on a single tracker that counts from 0 to 20. Your alcohol tracker (a clear stone) starts at 0 and your fortitude tracker (a red stone) starts at 20. If at any point one of these counters moves past the other counter then you lose.


this game is a lot of fun. Probably the easiest way to describe it is, it’s a game that simulates a drinking game. Obviously, you could actually drink while playing this game but it isn’t required to enjoy it.

It’s a fun little light hearted game that is definitely worth giving a try. Also, all of the games are completely compatible with each other (there are 4 red dragon inn games at the time this article was written) and while I haven’t played them all the main difference between them are the characters it comes with. So, if you have more than one version of the game. You can mix and match the characters allowing for more play options.



  1. I love this game (my friends and I play it at all our parties) BUT: there’s only 3 editions, not four 😉 There’s a standalone gambling companion but it’s not part of the main game (although if I understand correctly it integrates)

    I have all 3 of the main sets and they play REALLY well with each other, my only (VERY MINOR) criticism is that when you mix sets sometimes the play balance gets a little skewed (the sets are balanced within themselves, but for instance having gerki and fleck in the same game makes neither of them do very well because they nullify each others’ strengths). But it DOES make for more strategizing because you’ve got to think differently against every different combination… my hardcore gamer friends don’t mind that but if you’re playing with new people I’d contain within a single set until they get a feel for it.

    I’ve introduced a LOT of people to this game and almost all of them liked it enough to buy at least one set for themselves.

    • Thanks for promoting our game!

      As someone who has personally demoed the game hundreds of times for nearly a thousand people, I definitely agree with your opinion on mixing sets. For first timers, running games from one set until people grok the individual strategy is very important.

      We do strive to make each of the characters balanced with one another.

      Thank you for the feedback!

  2. Thank you for the review and quick run-down of how the game plays!

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