Fantasy Flight Games: Tribune – Review

July 18, 2011

Publisher Fantasy Flight Games
Genre Board Game
Number of Players 2 to 5
Play Time 1 to 2 hours
Initial Review Date 7/17/11
Last Updated 7/17/11
Files/Tools Rules – Download
Click here to Play

In this game you play as a prominent family in the city of Rome whose goal is power and influence. You accomplish this by gaining control of various factions and and achieving objectives.

Game Play

This game isn’t difficult to play and is fairly easy to learn. However, most of the game is strategy and that could take awhile to learn.

Each player is given 4 follower tokens that are associated with their family. Players take turns placing these tokens on the game board at various locations of their choosing. Each location in general is associated with drawing cards. Some locations allow you to buy cards that are face up. Some allow purchase of face down cards, another allows you to trade in a card for 1 or more face up cards and last there is even an auction area.

In addition to drawing cards there are other locations that allow you to gain money, gain laurels and finally locations to attempt take overs of the various factions in Rome.

Cards are generally used to take over the various factions. This is done by playing a “larger” combo then the one that currently exists for the given faction. Larger can be one of two things

  • A set of 2 or more cards that contains more cards then the current set
  • A set of 2 or more cards that add up to a higher value than the current set

Only one of those conditions must be true to work. So, it’s possible for a faction to be defeated by a set similar to the one that was defeated before, thus a faction can change hands without resulting in escalation.


To win the game you must have a certain number of achievements. How many is set by how long you want the game to be, the default are 3 and 4. What conditions are available depends on how many players there are.

The biggest part to this game is piece management. You only get so many plays per turn and so you really have to decide which of the things you want to do is most important to you. This is because if you don’t pick something it may be grabbed by an opponent before it comes around to your turn again. So, you want to try and do things as efficient as possible. Additionally, it can sometimes pay off to intentionally get in someone’s way and lose (like the auction) since the loser receives monetary compensation from the winner.


If you’re interested in playing a strategy game that has a fair amount of player interaction and depth I would recommend tribune. It’s easy to pick up but still provides a lot of strategy.


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