Repos Production: 7 Wonders ~Leaders – Review

July 14, 2011

Publisher Repos Production
Genre Card/Board
Number of Players 2 to 7 (4 to 5 recommended)
Play Time 40 minutes
Initial Review Date 7/13/11
Last Updated 7/13/11
Files/Tools Promo Card Original-Order
Promo Card and Rules-Free Download
Click here to Play

This is an expansion for the game 7 wonders. The expansion adds an additional wonder, some new guild cards, new coin tokens (that are worth 6 each) and a new kind of card called Leader Cards.

Playing Leader Cards

Leader Cards get played before each age and can be used 3 different ways.

  •  Face up as a Leader Card
  •  Face down to build a part of your wonder (requiring normal material costs)
  •  Discarded to get 3 coin

Leader Card Setup

Leader cards themselves are drafted at the beginning of the game. the way this works is that each player is dealt 4 leader cards. As with the Age cards you will pick one card and pass the rest of the cards to your right. At this point you are just creating a personal “Leader Hand”, which you will keep for the rest of the game. Unlike the Age cards though you continue passing until each player has a hand of 4 leader cards.

Other Changes

Because all leader cards are played using money (up to 6 coin in some cases) each player begins the game with additional money. Instead of 3 coin each player will start with 6 coin which is enough to play a leader of your choice before the first age.

Leader Card Abilities

Most of the leader cards have abilities like those found in the normal age cards. That is some just give you extra military, some count as a science card (green cards) and some are just worth victory points at the end of the game. There are new abilities though which can have a dramatic impact. One for example allows you to purchase any 1 good from the bank for 1 coin once per turn. Another makes it so that your neighbors receive the loss token you would get for beating you in a military conflict (that is they get both the red victory token and a grey -1 token when they beat you). These sorts of abilities add a bit of complexity to the game and can really affect your strategy.

Gameplay Effect

So, you would think that because you’re getting extra cards and cool new abilities, point escalation would occur. While certainly this is possible. In the games I have played so far I’ve found that in general players end up with lower scores than before. I think this is good as it indicates that some complexity has been added to the game without really disrupting game balance and causing escalation it the way expansions for other games often do.

However, because I only recently got the expansion it’s possible that scores will go up again once players are used to the new cards and have figured out how to use them more effectively.

Other Benefits

Something else which is an added benefit is that the expansion box is dramatically smaller than the box for the original game and if you take the plastic insert out the entire game can fit into the expansion box.

Here are some pictures of my set



I think the Leaders expansion is well worth getting. The new cards add a bit of additional interest to the game without really disrupting anything. Additionally, the space savings is incredibly nice, making the game much more portable.

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One comment

  1. Thanks for the review! I bought it but haven’t played it yet. The lower scores thing is interesting. I will have to pay attention to than once we finally do play with it.

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