Clash of Arms: Castle Lords – Strategy

July 9, 2011

Ok, so I know I said there isn’t much strategy to this game. But there is some and so I figured I would go over it.

In the game, once you’ve managed to place a token on a castle that castle will be easier to retake later. So, initially you’ll want to just seed a couple of tokens on the board. Since the objective is just to get some tokens on the board you don’t want to take any castle with more than 1 or 2 soldiers. Don’t worry about it being taken from you. All you’re doing is to help setup for the end of the game.

Once you’ve seeded some of your tokens you don’t want to take any more castles or even bother reclaiming the ones you’ve lost. Instead you want to focus on building up your armies.

So, when you get your initial hand, see if you have a lot of one particular color and/or a lot of a certain kind of unit. Now  you want to start collecting cards to expand on that characteristic.

You will want to pick a color and a unit type to collect. Cards that are both are ideal and so even if every card in your hand matches one of the two characteristics a card that matches both should be picked up to replace one that doesn’t. In this way when the cards run out you will have some flexibility. You should be able to easily divide  your hand in half into 2 nice big armies, of if needed 1 large army and 2 small armies.

Now, you just want to take castles. If no one else has been saving cards victory will be a given since all you have to do is claim enough castles so that you have more than anyone else.

It’s true that each castle is worth points but the point system really only comes into play on ties. If you have more than anyone else then you’ll win. If this isn’t possible then try to take enough points to win in a tie instead. Ideally your castle takes will use so many units that no one can even hope to take them back.

The mistake that many players who are new to the game will make is to burn though all of their cards taking and re-taking castles in the beginning. This means that none of the castles will be heavily defended and when you do finally take them no one will have the cards to take it back.

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