Rio Grande Games: Piece o’ Cake – Review

July 8, 2011

Publisher Rio Grande Games
Genre Tile Game
Number of Players 2 to 5
Play Time 20 minutes
Initial Review Date 7/7/11
Last Updated 7/7/11
Click here to Play

This game is probably best described as a strategy party game. The mechanics of it are fairly straight forward but there is a lot of planning and decision making to be had.

How it works

The game consists of pieces all of equal size that look like various slices of pies. Each slice includes a number. This number not only tells you how many pieces of that pie there are but it also indicates how many points it can be worth at the end of the game. These numbers range from 3 to 11.

So, the starting player selects a stack of 11 pieces and places them into a pie shape without re-arranging the pieces. Then they may subdivide the pie into a number of sections up to the number of players. Then starting with the player to that player’s left it goes around the table with players taking sections. In this way the player who cut the pie picks last. So while it is possible to do fewer sections then the number of players they are automatically hurting themselves by doing so.

When you claim a section you may either hold onto or “consume” each of the individual pieces. If  you consume them then the piece is flipped over and you get a number of points equal to how many whipped cream dollops there are. Otherwise points go to the player who has the most of a given type of pie. If two or more players have the same number then points are shared and both players get the point value listed for that type of pie.

The challenge really comes in with trying to determine if you should consume or keep the slices you just gained. Consuming them gives only a few points but held pieces give no points if you do not have the most of that type of pie. You do have the option of consuming pieces you previously saved instead of taking a section of pie, but it seems like unless you’re able to consume a large number of worthless pieces this really isn’t something you want to do.


Some people will like this game and others won’t. It definitely has a “party game” type feel to it due to the theme and lack of additional pieces. Also, it doesn’t go quite as quickly as you might expect due to players taking a long time to cut and choose. Even so it isn’t a terribly long game as we were able to get in two games in about 40 minutes.  The only downside is that the game will probably make you hungry from staring at pictures of tasty looking pies.

On a side note, if you’re confused by the name the game is European where the definition of cake is a bit different.


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