Repos Production: 7 Wonders – Review

July 5, 2011

Publisher Repos Production
Genre Card/Board
Number of Players 2 to 7 (4 to 5 recommended)
Play Time 30 minutes
Initial Review Date 7/4/11
Last Updated 7/13/11
Files/Tools Promo Board Original-Order
Promo Board and Rules-Free Download
Click here to Play

7 wonders I would really classify more as a card game then a board game. It’s true that there are “boards” that are used but there isn’t a central board shared by all the players. Regardless if you consider it a board game or a card game though it is a lot of fun. It’s one of those rare games that takes just as long to play with 2 players as it does with 7 players. The reason for this is that all plays are simultaneous. Sure, someone might take a long time trying to decide what to play but that is just as likely to happen in a 2 player game as it is a 7 player game.

So, the basic premise of this game is that each player is trying to construct one of the 7 wonders of the world. Each player is given a board which represents that wonder and which becomes that player’s “play area”. Each board gives a different starting resource as well as powers for completing various stages of your wonder. Each board also has an A side and a B side. The A side is really what you should start with if you’re playing for the 1st time. The B side isn’t really better it simply changes things up a bit and adds more interest to the game.

The game is a sort of light empire building game. You have resources that you produce that allow you to build additional structures. Then at the end of the game, depending on what you’ve built you score points.

An aspect of this game that stands it apart from many others is that card play is handled swiss style. That is you get a hand of cards but then after you’ve chosen which card to play you pass the cards to your neighbor. This allows for interesting interactions where you can opt to “bury” a card just so that your neighbor won’t get to play it. Of course, they won’t know that you’ve done this, just as with any card game they will be dismayed that the cards they really want just aren’t showing up for some reason 😛

There aren’t a lot of rules to the game and it’s fairly easy to pick up once you’ve played the first few rounds. I’ve heard some people complain that the game isn’t very deep but then it would be hard for it to be a deep game when you can play it in 30 minutes. In some ways I think this is one of the things that makes the game great. It’s hard to find time to play a civilization building game that can be played in 30 minutes. Much less one that can be played in 30 minutes with 7 people. Now, while it is true that you can play the game with 2 to 7 people, I would recommend playing with 4 to 5. The reason is that with fewer players you will get to see each hand of cards more than once. This means that more planning is possible. Once you get to 6 or more players you never see any hand more than once, which hurts the amount of strategy possible. Additionally, there are several mechanics in the game (commerce and military) which only apply to your immediate neighbors. Having more than 3 players adds a sense of distance. that you just don’t get in smaller games. At the same time though it really doesn’t feel like a “party game” and so even though it doesn’t take very long to play and lots of people can play, I wouldn’t really put it in the same category as there is a definite amount of strategy involved.

In conclusion, I would say if you have time for a longer game then you might want to play something else. But it’s a great option if time is limited or if you just don’t feel like spending all night playing the same game. It’s quick, easy to learn and holds enough strategy to make it worth coming back to again and again. I highly recommend playing this game if you get a chance.

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